We've partnered with FiSci Technologies to bring the city of Whitesburg fast, affordable, and reliable Internet access.

 Tired of slow and overpriced cable or DSL access?  Is your current provider customer support underwhelming?  GigaBeam Networks is your solution!  

You may wonder who is GigaBeam Networks and what do we offer?

  • We were founded in 1997 as a technology company and dialup Internet provider, expanding to wireless broadband in 2004.
  • Our philosophy is simple.  We provide the best in connectivity at an affordable price, with friendly technical support.
  • We're a local regional company founded in Rich Creek, Virginia, just a few hours east of Whitesburg.

What is GigaBeam Networks Broadband?

GigaBeam Networks Broadband is based on fixed wireless LTE technology which allows internet communications by radio.  Basically, the Internet is sent to a radio installed at your home from one of our relay towers.  This technology is capable of speeds up to 100+ Mbps and latency at around 8-30ms (great for gaming and voip!)

GigaBeam Broadband service is as reliable as any wired line service.  The service works in  any type of weather condition including rain, fog, ice, or snow!

Some added features of the service include:

  • Initial standard speeds up to 50Mbps
  • No phone, cable, fiber lines required
  • No equipment to buy or rent
  • No long term commitments
  • We are a local company with local service and support (No Call Centers!)
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Simple flat fee pricing (no mystery fees!)
  • Fast, affordable and dependable access
  • ESPN 3 included



In order to receive GigaBeam Networks Wireless Broadband, a radio must first be installed at your location.  The standard radio is very small and hardly noticeable.  One of our technicians will come to your house and perform the installation.

Basic Installation includes:

  • Standard mounting of standard radio
  • Up to 50' of ethernet cable
  • Setup of Internet access to 1 computer

Exclusive to Whitesburg!  Specific areas will qualify for service utilizing our INDOOR units, requiring no installation!  

Plans and Pricing

GigaBeam Networks offers several plans to fit your needs and budget.  Compare us to cable or DSL and you will find our prices and plans similar or better than any of our competitors.  GigaBeam Broadband service gives you the freedom and flexibility to have fast and reliable access without bundling unwanted and unused services such as home phone lines and cable television service.  Pick the service you want from the providers you choose!

Cable and phone companies are constantly raising rates.  They also require you to “bundle” other unwanted services to get better pricing and include mysterious “surcharges” and other “fees” in their billing.  With GigaBeam Broadband service you get an everyday low price for Internet access.  In fact, we’ve never raised pricing on any of our plans!  No other services are required and no other “surcharges” or “fees” will EVER be on you bill.

Our Current Residential Plans

 Whitesburg exclusive plan!

Download Speed
Up to 4Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 1Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • General web browsing


Download Speed
Up to 10Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 1Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Social Networking
  • Email
  • Music & Pictures
  • 2 Video Streams


Download Speed
Up to 25Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 2Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Multiple Users
  • 2+ Video Streams
  • Online Gaming


Download Speed
Up to 50Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 3Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Large Downloads
  • Large Uploads
  • Multiple Video Streams
  • 4K Video


Installation cost and options:  

  • Whitesburg Exclusive Kickoff Special!  Get FREE installation when signing up for service by September, 30th 2017 and agree to a 1 year commitment!
  • Installation with a 1 year commitment, $49
  • Installation with a monthly subscriber agreement, $99
  • Customized wifi network - for range extension etc.  Contact us for a quote!
  • Receive a US Mail paper invoice:  $1/month!
  • For multiple devices, customer will need to:
    • Provide a router
    • Purchase a router from us
    • Subscribe to our Managed Network Services (see below)

Optional Services:

  • Managed Network Services:
    • Never buy another router!  We provide and fully support a high-end dual band 802.11ac router
    • Full support to connect devices, troubleshoot home network connection issues and keep devices connected at the best possible speeds
    • PC/device support/troubleshooting (other than connectivity issues) is not included
    • Only $10/month


Have a Business?  

GigaBeam Business Class Internet access is your solution!

Non-profits, churches, etc.

Contact us for special pricing!

Prequalify Now! 

Interested in getting service?  Click here to go to our coverage qualification tool!

Coming Soon!  GigaVoice Phone

Affordable phone service, check back soon for more information!

Coming Soon!  GigaStream TV

Full featured TV service without crazy cable/satellite pricing